Kerstin Leins


Logotherapy is explained in the teaching videos in a very comprehensible and precise manner in understandable words. Miss Dr. Schönfeld's practical examples are lively and extremely helpful for understanding.

Constanze Ochs

Psychological psychotherapist

The online academy for logotherapy offers the great opportunity to watch the various online videos of the further training - regardless of time and location, as well as repeatedly - which is an enormous support in internalizing the logotherapy content. Frankl impresses with his intellectual depth, his dignified view of humanity, as well as his suggestions for the “answer” to the task nature of life: “How can people freely - and at the same time take a responsible position - take a position on fateful circumstances?” “What are possibilities that are worth realizing of the facultative ego?”; “How can a healthy arc be drawn between is and should with a view to a fulfilled life?”; “How can a person still say yes to life?” At a time when existential questions of all kinds permeate society, the “answers” of logotherapy prove their timeless validity. As a participant in the further training, I particularly appreciate the structured nature of Dr. Schönfeld, her clear presentation style, her loyalty to original logotherapy and the well-thought-out literature recommendations on the topic discussed. Thank you very much!

Adelheid von Aulock

Ever since I was able to get to know original logotherapy, I have been convinced that Frankl's view of humanity leads to answers to many of people's illness-causing needs and worries. I therefore welcome the fact that logotherapy training is now also offered as an online course. This contemporary learning opportunity can expand the circle of those who can discover the beneficial psycho-hygienic and therapeutic possibilities of logotherapy for themselves and others.

Horst Schmid

The lectures on the individual topics are easy to understand, comprehensive and in-depth. The practical examples, which you often tell with shining eyes, are very vivid and clear, and also show the enthusiasm with which you teach logotherapy.

Katja Langer


The online logotherapy course based on the teachings of Victor E. Frankl enriches my everyday life and is available online at any time and from anywhere. It is an indispensable support for my personal development as well as for my everyday professional life as an entrepreneur, in the management of employees and the people-oriented orientation of the company. Through Ms. Dr. Schönfeld's catchy and very understandable communication of the content, connections and many examples of the practical application and implementation of logotherapy. The online format allows me to engage with the current content as often as I want. Again and again, one or two lessons bring me back down to earth and realities and I immediately succeed in implementing the understood facts when answering life's questions when it is necessary. The online course also makes it really easy to stick with it and not lose track of what's important in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In my opinion, of all possible decisions, dealing with logotherapy is always the right one.
Thank you for the offer and the possibilities!

Roland Preußl

Philosopher and theologian, pastoral speaker

Viktor E. Frankl's original logotherapy is now carried out without any time constraints and at the highest level according to the curriculum of Prof. h. c. Dr. phil. habil. Elisabeth Lukas submitted. Miss Dr. Schönfeld and Alexander Vesely, Viktor E. Frankl's grandson, offer the unique opportunity to access the original sources of logotherapy through their video course. Your professional competence is reflected not only in the excellent knowledge of logotherapy in theory, but also in the bridges to therapeutic practice.”

U. Schweinfurth

In my opinion, the semester is well structured with 40 chapters. Since I had my own recordings, I could see how little the online format differs from the face-to-face event. Theoretical explanations are also illustrated here with examples, and personal encounters and impressions are reflected, making what is presented seem lively. The only thing that is no longer necessary is to ask personal questions for understanding. However, this is compensated by the possibility of interrupting passages and listening to what happened before again. Being able to integrate the “lecture time” into my everyday life makes it easy for me to pursue further training or qualifications alongside my job and family.

Dr. med. Klaus Baumann

Specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy - Potsdam

In this online course, Dr. Heidi Schönfeld, in collaboration with Mr. Alexander Vesely-Frankl, to convey the great ideas of Frankl's logotherapy in a lively and true to the original way using Elisabeth Lukas's well-thought-out curriculum.
I wish this extraordinary project much success!

Michael Heller

Graduate psychologist

The videos have wonderful didactic clarity. But they require concentrated listening. More difficult learning content offers the opportunity to watch it repeatedly as well as to pause the lecture for deeper contemplation. The presentation by Dr. Schönfeld takes place in an approachable liveliness. There's no other way to say it. The videos are a substantial tool if you want to delve deeper into logotherapy.

Dr. med. Katharina Egervari

If you can't come to Bamberg, we highly recommend the new online course. In the usual high quality and very easy to understand, Dr. Schönfeld offers the original logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl and therefore offers a good opportunity to learn logotherapy from home.

Annette Faber M.A.

Dipl. Ing., Coach (FH)

Thanks to the new online offer, participation in logotherapy training will be opened up and made possible for a further group of interested people for whom this was previously not an option for private, personal or professional reasons.
Because the online teaching units can be repeated at your own pace and at any time and as often as necessary, participants have the opportunity to develop an individual, tailor-made learning rhythm.
The logotherapy training content is interesting, exciting and profitable, although also extensive and demanding. Due to the many good practical examples, the theoretical part is understandable and easy to implement.

Patrick Leidner

Federal official

Especially for me as a working, young father, the online offer is a great addition to the seminar. Miss Dr. Schönfeld gets to the heart of the material with the necessary brevity.

Bettina von Saurma

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

The way we look at the world and people shapes our thoughts and actions. I think logotherapy is fantastic because it not only offers tools for treating psychological disorders, which it does, but also looks at people, both in their individual life situation and in their humanity as a whole.
Frankl's Logotherapy frees people from the mistaken assumption that they are merely victims of their genes, living conditions and influences and helps them to stand up and become aware of their freedom as a spiritual person. It encourages and enables people to live a life of freedom and responsibility, guided and guided by the meaning of the moment, so that they become more and more who they decide to be through their attitude and actions. Frankl, thinks big of people.
However, he emphasizes the seriousness that lies in our freedom, but also our responsibility. It doesn't matter how we live, what we choose.
Dr. Schönfeld teaches original logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl in Bamberg with great competence and dedication and I am glad to have come across it. It's an investment to go to Bamberg once a month, but it's worth it. There I get the tools that I was looking for on my professional path. Being able to study and learn logotherapy enriches both my private life and my work.
The advantage of face-to-face teaching is that there is space for exciting discussions during class and for interesting conversations with the other students while eating and during break times. However, I am very pleased that logotherapy will also be offered as an online course in the future and will therefore also reach people who do not have the opportunity to travel to Bamberg.

Christopher Andre Hrstic

Creative therapist

For me, logotherapy contains such a dignified image of humanity, which touches me and has already made me grow. I can also integrate logotherapy wonderfully into my psychotherapeutic work, so that patients always give warm feedback. The online course offers me a certain amount of freedom to decide at what point I would like to be inspired by Ms. Schönfeld about logotherapy again.

Aigul Zhalgassova

Transport manager

Like mobile working, mobile learning can be done from anywhere. Logotherapy has never been so easy to learn.
A wonderful alternative to podcasts with people's most human question: How can I live meaningfully?

Laura Sebestyén-Kohler

Art and creativity promotion, art therapy

Logotherapy is a very enriching philosophy of life, close to people and friendly to people. In this lecture cycle you will receive a really well-founded explanation of the basics, completely unadulterated and still very close to Viktor Frankl's texts. You can build on this foundation wonderfully, enrich it with your own thinking, life and work and incorporate it into all areas of your life, private and professional. It's worth investing the time, you'll be rewarded richly.
Thank you for all your dedication and effort, Dr. Schönfeld!

Jeanette Onusseit

I literally soaked up the videos. Viktor Frankl was a genius and is a great role model for me! Dr. Schönfeld explained it well and supported it with very instructive and clear cases from patients from her practice or from Elisabeth Lukas.

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