Theory Semester Course Structure

Our online program encompasses the complete theory of logotherapy across 5 semesters, and you can join at any point. For newcomers, a brief introduction is available in the following video.

Course of study

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5 semester course

5 semester course

You can start the Online-Logotherapy course at any of the five semesters. At the beginning of the semester you will receive a code that allows you to watch the training of the respective semester in increments.

You will receive access to the first 10 videos at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month you will be invited to a live-webinar to deepen and discuss what you have already learned from the videos. At the beginning of the following month, you will get access to the next 10 -12 videos. This way you can study your way through the semester in challenging but manageable increments.

We will also facilitate networking among students so that you can engage in constructive and productive exchanges with other participants at all times.

5 semester course
Study of literature

Study of literature

Additionally to the instructional videos, further literature study is an essential part of this training. Over the course of five semesters, we encourage all students to read the main works of Viktor E. Frankl. The course serves to open up and facilitate understanding of Frnakl´s complex work in all its aspects by way of concrete case examples and lively discussions. Another essential book is the “Textbook of Logotherapy” by Elisabeth Lukas, as well as any other of her books which illustrate and deepen the respective subject matters.

Study of literature
Live webinars

Live webinars

Once a month we invite you to join a two hour video conference with Dr. Heidi Schönfeld and Alexander Vesely-Frankl, in which you can share any questions or thoughts you have in order to deepen your understanding of logotherapy. Together we will reflect about the relevance of what has been learned in the context of personal, professional and general topics and world problems. We will also look at one or more sample exam questions for the purpose of practicing. This way you can see for yourself which areas you have already mastered and which may need further attention.

Live webinars
End-of-semester exam

End-of-semester exam

Exams will be held online at the end of each semester. They will be short oral exams consisting of a few questions per student. A webcam is required in order to be able to participate. Dates and timeslots will be assigned individually.

For guest students, no exam is required.

After 6 months, your access to the videos of the current semester expires. You are welcome to sign up for the next semester.

End-of-semester exam

This is what our participants say

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Laura Sebestyén-Kohler

Art and creativity promotion, art therapy

Logotherapy is a very enriching philosophy of life, close to people and friendly to people. In this lecture cycle you will receive a really well-founded explanation of the basics, completely unadulterated and still very close to Viktor Frankl's texts. You can build on this foundation wonderfully, enrich it with your own thinking, life and work and incorporate it into all areas of your life, private and professional. It's worth investing the time, you'll be rewarded richly.
Thank you for all your dedication and effort, Dr. Schönfeld!

Christopher Andre Hrstic

Creative therapist

For me, logotherapy contains such a dignified image of humanity, which touches me and has already made me grow. I can also integrate logotherapy wonderfully into my psychotherapeutic work, so that patients always give warm feedback. The online course offers me a certain amount of freedom to decide at what point I would like to be inspired by Ms. Schönfeld about logotherapy again.

Bettina von Saurma

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

The way we look at the world and people shapes our thoughts and actions. I think logotherapy is fantastic because it not only offers tools for treating psychological disorders, which it does, but also looks at people, both in their individual life situation and in their humanity as a whole.
Frankl's Logotherapy frees people from the mistaken assumption that they are merely victims of their genes, living conditions and influences and helps them to stand up and become aware of their freedom as a spiritual person. It encourages and enables people to live a life of freedom and responsibility, guided and guided by the meaning of the moment, so that they become more and more who they decide to be through their attitude and actions. Frankl, thinks big of people.
However, he emphasizes the seriousness that lies in our freedom, but also our responsibility. It doesn't matter how we live, what we choose.
Dr. Schönfeld teaches original logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl in Bamberg with great competence and dedication and I am glad to have come across it. It's an investment to go to Bamberg once a month, but it's worth it. There I get the tools that I was looking for on my professional path. Being able to study and learn logotherapy enriches both my private life and my work.
The advantage of face-to-face teaching is that there is space for exciting discussions during class and for interesting conversations with the other students while eating and during break times. However, I am very pleased that logotherapy will also be offered as an online course in the future and will therefore also reach people who do not have the opportunity to travel to Bamberg.

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