Self-exploration in logotherapy

Engaging in self-exploration truly complements logotherapy training. This doesn't have to be seen as contradictory.

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Frankl never intended for introspection or self-centeredness. He rejected the common practice of prolonged self-focus prevalent during his time.

Elisabeth Lukas developed a unique form of logotherapeutic self-exploration, distinct from conventional methods. It closely aligns with the theoretical foundations of logotherapy endorsed by Frankl himself. Compared to traditional self-exploration, Lukas‘ approach introduces three entirely new concepts:


  1. It begins with exploring life before and after our own, integrating both into biographical work.
  2. It considers not only what has happened to me but also what has happened because of me, emphasizing human responsibility.
  3. It doesn’t solely dwell on the negative but also highlights the positive, particularly the meaningful aspects.

This represents a significant departure from traditional self-exploration.

Only certified logotherapists are admitted to this guided biographical work. They must be psychologically stable and well-versed in logotherapeutic thinking.


The course comprises 10 group sessions, each lasting 4 hours, spread over one year.

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Bettina von Saurma

Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy

The way we look at the world and people shapes our thoughts and actions. I think logotherapy is fantastic because it not only offers tools for treating psychological disorders, which it does, but also looks at people, both in their individual life situation and in their humanity as a whole.
Frankl's Logotherapy frees people from the mistaken assumption that they are merely victims of their genes, living conditions and influences and helps them to stand up and become aware of their freedom as a spiritual person. It encourages and enables people to live a life of freedom and responsibility, guided and guided by the meaning of the moment, so that they become more and more who they decide to be through their attitude and actions. Frankl, thinks big of people.
However, he emphasizes the seriousness that lies in our freedom, but also our responsibility. It doesn't matter how we live, what we choose.
Dr. Schönfeld teaches original logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl in Bamberg with great competence and dedication and I am glad to have come across it. It's an investment to go to Bamberg once a month, but it's worth it. There I get the tools that I was looking for on my professional path. Being able to study and learn logotherapy enriches both my private life and my work.
The advantage of face-to-face teaching is that there is space for exciting discussions during class and for interesting conversations with the other students while eating and during break times. However, I am very pleased that logotherapy will also be offered as an online course in the future and will therefore also reach people who do not have the opportunity to travel to Bamberg.

Dr. med. Katharina Egervari

If you can't come to Bamberg, we highly recommend the new online course. In the usual high quality and very easy to understand, Dr. Schönfeld offers the original logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl and therefore offers a good opportunity to learn logotherapy from home.

Roland Preußl

Philosopher and theologian, pastoral speaker

Viktor E. Frankl's original logotherapy is now carried out without any time constraints and at the highest level according to the curriculum of Prof. h. c. Dr. phil. habil. Elisabeth Lukas submitted. Miss Dr. Schönfeld and Alexander Vesely, Viktor E. Frankl's grandson, offer the unique opportunity to access the original sources of logotherapy through their video course. Your professional competence is reflected not only in the excellent knowledge of logotherapy in theory, but also in the bridges to therapeutic practice.”

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